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    Francesco hair Salon

    Colour - 19 November 2023

    Read time - 4 mins

    All Your Hair Colour Questions Answered Could this be the year you start colouring your hair? Make sure you’re prepared by reading our answers to your most asked hair colour questions! Which hair colour will suit me? Visit the Salon for a consultation This is a...
    Empowered Hair Collection Image 6 - Francesco Hair Salon

    Colour - 26 October 2023

    Read time - 2 mins

    Going from Dark to Blonde – Expectations Vs Reality Instagram, Facebook & Tiktok are full of hair transformations that would have you believe that it takes only a two-hour hair appointment to go from a jet-black base to platinum white blonde. In reality it can take...
    Hair Colour Trends - Francesco Hair Salon

    Colour - 6 February 2023

    Read time - 2 mins

    Have you been wanting to find out what hair colours are trending?Well, we have all the answers for you right here… Our talented stylists are always inspired by new and upcoming hair colour trends, and their recent creations have really caught our eye; so, we thought we...
    Why do I need a Skin Allergy Test - Francesco Hair Salon

    Colour - 5 January 2023

    Read time - 4 mins

    Why Do I Need a Skin Allergy Test Before a Hair Colour Appointment? At Francesco Hair Salon, the health and wellbeing of our clients is our priority, which is why our Skin Allergy Test Policy insists that if you’re a new client or you haven’t had...
    What’s the difference between Highlights, Lowlights and Babylights?

    Colour - 1 June 2022

    Read time - 5 mins

    What’s the difference? Highlights, Lowlights & Babylights If you want to have multiple tones running through your hair, then highlights, lowlights and babylights are for you! Your stylist can introduce beautiful shades to your colour, adding gorgeous lighter and darker tones to create a stunning finished look....
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